OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals

The OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals program (DTP) provides comprehensive teaching preparation and teaching development for higher education, as well as institutional development in teaching-related issues, across the OSUN network. DTP works with OSUN faculty, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers – particularly at under-resourced institutions – to provide certificate programs, courses, workshops, collaborative grants, and mentoring in higher education teaching. Just as importantly, it deepens institutional capacity through inter-institutional collaborations on curriculum, quality assurance, and teaching and learning centers and related units.

Opportunities for involvement include: 

About the DTP Project

The DTP project is engaged in four primary pillars of work in teaching and learning leadership: 

  • Provide comprehensive teaching development opportunities 
  • Support early-career academics in their formative teaching experiences 
  • Expand institutional capacity in teaching- and learning-related issues (curriculum, quality assurance, teaching centers, and teaching and learning leadership) 
  • Promote inclusive and democratic teaching, as well as student-centeredness, collaboration with students, and students’ co-ownership in pedagogy and curricula 

The hallmarks of the project include support for scholars and teachers in under-resourced institutions, support for early-career academics, a focus on both individuals and institutional capacity, and student co-participation and collaboration. 

Project Organization and Leadership 

Led by the CEU’s Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research, the DTP is built on strong collaborative foundations and, in the two years since its existence, it has focused on creating co-ownership structures between OSUN programs with similar remits in teaching and learning. The DTP works together with partners at Bard IWT/CLASP, as well as teaching and learning units and personnel across the OSUN network. Together, DTP and its partners respond to partner university’s needs and enhance their strengths, build capacity through scalable and embedded approaches, and promote institutional cultures of student-centered learning.   

The Yehuda Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research and its predecessors at CEU bring more than two decades of experience, collaborating with institutions, governments, organizations, and individuals to strengthen higher education. It currently leads both the OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals project and OSUN University Administrators Professional Development project. 

For more information about the project and any informal enquiries, please contact dtp@ceu.edu.