Higher Education Research Group (HERG)

The Higher Education Research Group (HERG) is a collaborative, student-led research group, with support from the Yehuda Elkana Center and doctoral students in DSPS. It brings together faculty, students, and staff members from all units of the university working in the field of higher education policy, promoting collaborative research and the exchange of ideas.   

HERG regularly organizes seminars for members to present research, whether published works or articles and theses in progress. It organizes public seminars and events on higher education issues. It networks and collaborates with similar groups at other universities and with similarly focused academic societies. Finally, it serves as a corpus of scholars who have expertise and or interest in relevant research areas.   

Membership is open to CEU academics interested in higher education research, including doctoral students, MA students, alums, and academic and administrative staff.  

Events are held several times per semester. Please see the Elkana Center's events page for upcoming events and contact Nadia Manzoni if you are interested in joining the group or its mailing list.