Teaching Policies, Guides, and Resources

A close up on a person typing on a laptop.Teaching with Technology

In this section, faculty and TAs can find resources for online and hybrid course design and facilitation, setting up courses in Moodle, digital game-based learning and detailed considerations for online and hybrid discussions, lectures, and assessment.

A faculty member giving a lecture from a seated position in front of a PowerPoint presentation.CEU Teaching Policies

On this page, CEU faculty will find a repository of updated University policies related to teaching and learning. CEU community members may be required to login with their CEU ID and Password to access some official documents.

A group of participants sitting around a table, in discussion with a standing facilitator.

Resources from Past International Projects

Many of the Elkana Center's past and ongoing projects have generated resources that may be used by CEU faculty, students, and international partners. On this page, you can find a repository of resources on a variety of teaching and higher education topics.

A student standing in a classroom, holding textbooks. Other students are sitting at desks, writing an exam. Teaching Undergraduates

This guide considers successful approaches and strategies for teaching undergraduates in the interdisciplinary BA programs at CEU. It includes topics ranging from setting learning goals to motivation to active learning strategies.

Close up on a person in a wheel chair holding a sign that says "Disability Rights = Civil Rights."Accessibility at CEU

This guide provides resources for supporting students with disabilities at CEU. Faculty can find information on academic accommodations, inclusive teaching strategies, and creating accessible technology and digital materials.