OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals


Drawing on CEU’s two decades of experience in developing leadership in teaching, the Developing Teaching Professionals Program (DTP) provides support for OSUN early-career teachers through mentorship, professional development courses, individual collaborations, trainings, and workshops. Its purpose is not just to train teachers in higher education, particularly in their formative early years, but to develop institutional capacity for teaching development, curricular development, teaching and learning leadership, and quality assurance at institutions across the OSUN network.

Its cross-cutting values include a focus on early-career teachers, democratic and inclusive teaching, support for under-resourced institutions, and inter-institutional collaboration for sustainability and scalability.

Its four principal objectives are as follows:

  • Provide comprehensive teaching development opportunities, including certification
  • Support early-career academics in their formative teaching experiences
  • Expand institutional capacity in teaching-related issues (curriculum, quality assurance, teaching centers, and teaching and learning leadership)
  • Promote inclusive and democratic teaching, as well as student-centeredness, collaboration with students, and students’ co-ownership in pedagogy and curricula

How You Can Become Involved

As a faculty member or doctoral student, interested in developing your teaching

Individual faculty and doctoral students at OSUN institutions are encouraged to attend courses in foundational and advanced teaching techniques (e.g., student-centered course design and facilitation, democratic and inclusive classrooms, game-based learning), taken individually or for a full certificate of teaching in higher education.

Please check our calendar of events, or sign up for our communications at dtp@ceu.edu, for upcoming training sessions and workshops.

Promoting inclusive and democratic teaching practices takes the form of various initiatives, e.g. small grants for developing inclusive teachingworkshop series, teaching conferences, and courses dedicated to inclusive teaching techniques. 

As an early-career teacher

Support for early-career academics in their teaching includes not just preferential access in teaching development courses for early-career academics, but individual and collective mentoring and orientations of Global Teaching Fellows (GTFP), training and support for tutors and teachers in access and impact programs (e.g., Invisible University for Ukraine), and a pilot (to launch in 2023-24) to expand mentoring of new teachers outside GTFP at institutions without centers for teaching and learning.

As a teaching developer or leader with responsibilities in teaching & learning 

DTP collaborates with other centers for teaching & learning, departments and other units, and university leaders to build institutional capacity in teaching and learning. Together, we strengthen our capabilities and build resilient institutions, characterized by cultures of teaching development, quality assurance, curriculum development, and leadership and vision in teaching and learning. Some initiatives begin as consultations in response to under-resourced institutions’ needs (e.g., assistance with re-accreditation, curriculum design, or creating a teaching center) before becoming sustained collaborations to deepen institutional cultures of student-centered teaching and learning. Other initiatives are pro-active, partnering with centers for teaching and learning, teaching and learning administrators, or interested units to ‘train the trainers’ where appropriate, network peers, provide workshops and training, and create spaces for mutual assistance, reflection, and unit development. Finally, DTP collaborates with not just OSUN institutions, but OSUN initiatives like the Invisible University for Ukraine and with faculty at institutions in exile on developing resilience and a long-term educational vision for faculty and students dispersed across the network due to war and civil crisis. Please contact us at dtp@ceu.edu directly for more information.

Project Particulars

Funding Source: Open Society University Network (OSUN)

Institutional Lead: CEU Elkana Center

Partner Institituions: American University of Central Asia CTLT, Bard IWT, BRAC, European University Institute, LSE Eden Centre, Universidad de los Andes DIDACTA

Project Leads: Dr. Michael Kozakowski (CEU) and Dr. Tamara Kamatović (CEU)

Contact Information: dtp@ceu.edu