OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals


The Developing Teaching Professionals (DTP) program strengthens training, mentoring, and ongoing support for those teaching in higher education in OSUN institutions. It supports, in particular, early-career teachers (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and new faculty) and academics in the Global South in their teaching. It both works directly with teachers and partners with centers for teaching & learning and similar units that support faculty teaching. In all its initiatives, it seeks to improve overall educational quality and help equalize student opportunities through inclusive and diversity-supporting pedagogies.

The second cycle of OSUN Teaching Development Small Grants is currently accepting applications. See the open call for applications (deadline: December 15, 2022).

Project Particulars

Funding Source: Open Society University Network (OSUN), anticipated from 2021-2024

Institutional Lead: CEU Elkana Center

Partner Institituions: American University of Central Asia CTLT, Bard IWT, European University Institute, LSE Eden Centre, Universidad de los Andes CEyA, 

Project Lead: Dr. Michael Kozakowski (CEU)

Coordinating Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Tamara Kamatović (CEU)

Find out more about the DTP Project on the OSUN website.