Teaching Development Courses for External Partners

CEU is proud to have two decades of experience in facilitating teaching development opportunities across the region and globe. In the 2022-23 academic year, approximately one hundred faculty, doctoral students, and other colleagues from over twenty institutions took part in teaching development courses offered by the Yehuda Elkana Center 

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Most courses are offered within the framework of the Open Society University Network (OSUN) Developing Teaching Professionals Program, with the option of pursuing a full Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education. Early-stage researchers (ESRs, i.e., doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows) of CIVICA institutions are generally eligible to apply for courses and either CIVICA teaching development certificates or the more comprehensive OSUN DTP Certificate. Please note that most CIVICA institutions are also OSUN members; applicants should consult both program offerings.  

OSUN colleagues with an interest in professional development in university administration can also benefit from courses, while members of all higher education institutions are invited to apply to the annual summer school, co-sponsored by the CEU Elkana Center and colleagues at Bard College (New York).