Ars Docendi State Prize

Since 2013, the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) has awarded the Ars Docendi State Prize for excellent teaching at Austrian higher education institutions (including private universities, such as CEU). Teachers or teaching teams are invited to apply with a teaching project or course. Several projects are recognized each year with a monetary prize. These and other entrants are publicized on the Gute Lehre website. 

The call for applications is often released around the start of the new (calendar) year with an application window during winter term (subject to change). Individuals or teams apply directly but require the endorsement of the rector and/or student union. The Elkana Center coordinates the endorsement process; convenes a jury to issue recommendations to the rector and award translation support (since applications must be in German); and can provide feedback on improving teaching projects, on their presentation, and on how to collect evidence of impact. Enquiries can be directed to the Center’s email address, .