OSUN Professional Development Program for University Administrators

CEU Elkana Center logo and OSUN logoThe OSUN Professional Development Program for University Administrators strengthens capacity, reflection, and collaboration among higher education administrators and institutions within the Open Society University Network.

Opportunities for staff and faculty with administrative and managerial responsibilities at OSUN institutions during the upcoming year include the following:

Applications for 2023/24 courses are now open.

Most courses and workshops focus on how individuals, units, and institutions navigate different environments to effectively implement good practice, manage change, and develop as professionals or organizations. Additional courses and workshops focus on key functions and aspects of university administration (e.g., research, finance, students, teaching, civic engagement), exploring the variety of contexts, common trends, and innovative practices. 

All courses and workshops strive to provide concrete opportunities for participants to network with other professionals at OSUN institutions and apply the knowledge and skills they are gaining in the contexts of their own roles and institutions.


Anticipated courses in 2023/ 2024:

Courses offered during the 2022/23 year included:

To date, 80 participants from 14 institutions have participated in the projects’ innovative courses during the first, pilot year:

  • Strategic and Inclusive Management of Higher Education Institutions
  • Building and Supporting Research Excellence at Universities
  • Managing Civic Engagement: Universities and Civic Actors
  • Crisis Management in Higher Education
  • Quality Assurance for University Administrators

Online Workshops

These workshop series bring together administrators working in specialized fields to share experiences, explore innovative strategies, and increase their mutual understanding of OSUN practices. They generally take place over two days (subsequently or over two weeks). Topics from 2022/23 included:

Institutional-Specific On-Site Workshops

OSUN institutions have the opportunity to request on-site workshops and training events. These opportunities are limited due to funding and other constraints. Interested participants should coordinate with their OSUN representative in their institution and with the Professional Development Program for University Administrators lead, Dr Pusa Nastase (contact information below).

Project Lead and Contact

Dr Pusa Nastase