Capacity Building in Teaching & Learning, Quality Assurance, and Professional Development

The OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals program (DTP), led by CEU’s Yehuda Elkana Center, provides a collaborative platform to build institutional capacity in teaching and learning. Together, we strengthen our capabilities and build resilient institutions, characterized by cultures of ongoing teaching development, quality assurance, curriculum development, and leadership and vision in teaching and learning.  

Through the generous financial support of the OSUN DTP grant and the collaborative structures of knowledge-sharing in the project, institutional partnerships strengthen capabilities in: 

  • Curricula 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Teaching development and related centers (e.g., centers for teaching and learning) 
  • Teaching and learning leadership 

Forms of Partnerships and How to Begin Collaborations

Partnerships in teaching and learning institutional capacity can take many forms within OSUN DTP: 

  • Bilateral collaborations respond to specific institutional needs, e.g., assistance with re-accreditation, curriculum design, or creating a teaching center, and can include everything from workshops or training events, to consultations, to multi-year projects 
  • Ongoing networking, training, and mutual assistance in teaching and learning centers and personnel, e.g., workshops or summer schools to “train the trainers” in faculty teaching development, or the working group for directors of centers for teaching and learning or analogous units (to launch fall 2023) 
  • Support for OSUN teaching-related initiatives, e.g., OSUN courses, Invisible University for Ukraine, and work with faculty at institutions in exile, to develop resilience and a long-term educational vision for faculty and students. 

Please contact us at directly for more information about how to become involved in ongoing initiatives or to explore potential partnerships. Financial support for these collaborations is often available through the generosity of OSUN funding. 

Examples of Previous Projects

The Yehuda Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research and its predecessors at CEU bring more than two decades of experience, collaborating with institutions, governments, organizations, and individuals to strengthen higher education. It currently leads both the OSUN Developing Teaching Professionals project and OSUN University Administrators Professional Development project. 

Past projects (not restricted to the OSUN framework) include