Higher Education Policy for Practitioners

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Course Description

The course is designed for practitioners interested in gaining a bird’s eye view on how policy is designed and implementedIt introduces fundamental issues and topics in the contemporary higher education sector, with a special focus on how university leadership and administrators should address these in their domestic context.  

The course will equip participants with knowledge and analytical skills that can help them better understand the issues and challenges of present-day higher education systems and how governmental and institutional policies seek to address those. It will also enhance participants’ knowledge of the diversity of institutions in the OSUN network and how the identity of member institutions is reflected in their governance and management structures. 

Course Information

This course is addressed to staff and faculty with managerial and leadership responsibilities at OSUN institutions as part of the OSUN Professional Development Program for University Administrators.

Instructor: Dr. Pușa Năstase

Dates: Winter semester, Tuesdays/ Thursdays in March, 2:30- 4:30 pm

Format: Online

How to Apply

Registration information coming soon.

For queries and more information, please reach out to: Dr. Pusa Nastase, Lead of the OSUN Professional Development Program for University Administrators at the Yehuda Elkana Center for Teaching, Learning, and Higher Education Research- nastasep@ceu.edu.