Holistic Care in Times of Uncertainty for Higher Education Professionals (Online Workshop)

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Workshop Description

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a slew of changes to higher education. Many of these adjustments came at a high cost to professionals, who reported increasing feelings of fatigue and burnout. Living during the pandemic has caused higher education professionals to reevaluate their lives and what is most important to them, including their health and well-being. This conversation will examine the pandemic's emotional and professional impact on higher education professionals, as well as suggestions for fostering nourishing places of care, balance, and respect for one's needs inside the academy.

The workshop is structured in two parts.

Part 1 (March 9th): Transforming Uncertainty Part 1: Individual and Community Experiences During the Pandemic

In this part we will reflect together on our experiences in the pandemic, what care means for us as professionals and for our students, and attempt to create personal care action plans outlining our hopes, needs and possible apprehensions

Part 2 (March 16th): Transforming Uncertainty Part 2: Institutional Care and Leadership Analysis

In this part we will investigate the lessons learned in the pandemic, the ongoing challenges and opportunities for personal and institutional growth. We also look at how we can affect growth and positive change in our institutions.

Workshop Information

Holistic Care in Times of Uncertainty for Higher Education Professionals (Online Workshop)

Date and Time: March 9 and March 16 (from 14:30 to 17:00 Vienna time. Please check the exact time in your location)

Audience: Staff and faculty from OSUN institutions

InstructorsThe workshop was developed jointly by Cammie Jones (Bard College) and Erzsébet Strausz (CEU) building on personal experiences and current research on the topic.

How to Apply

RSVP: Please register by email at: osun-he-certificate@ceu.edu.

Deadline: March 3rd

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the same email address with any questions.