For CEU Faculty

The Elkana Center continues the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning in supporting faculty in their teaching on a voluntary, non-evaluative, and confidential basis. We offer faculty-specific courses and teaching certificates, as well as workshops, guest lectures, events, individual consultations, grants, and online resources.

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A guest speaker standing in front of a room of engaged faculty who are sitting at tables.Faculty-Specific Courses and Certificate

Join faculty- and postdoc-specific courses based on peer-exchange and the intersection of theory and CEU-specific practices. If you wish, obtain a Teaching Certificate (independent of the doctoral student program). 


A speaker with microphone lecturing in front of an engaged audience, whose backs are turned away from the camera.Teaching-Related Workshops and Events

Learn more about our workshops, teaching conferences, guest lectures, and other events These workshops complement the ongoing faculty course, which focuses on fundamentals of teaching. Occasional workshops and events focus on emerging issues and innovations. 

A woman engaged in conversation in front of an open laptop.Consultations and Mentoring

Faculty and others with teaching responsibilities are invited to contact us for consultations on teaching-related issues. If desired, these can become sustained collaborations on teaching projects and/or systematic mentoring.

A pair of glasses lying on an open notebook next to a laptop.Teaching Observations

Faculty are encouraged to participate in this voluntary initiative to observe and to reflect on their teaching in a confidential format. Participants can invite a colleague, a faculty member from another department, or an Elkana Center faculty member. 

Shelf of teaching-related books, such as "What the best college teachers do" and "Tools for teaching."

Teaching Policies, Guides and Resources

Learn more about teaching with technology and other teaching topics via these online resources. While informed by scholarship, they are authored by Center colleagues to reflect the specific needs, resources, and experiences of colleagues teaching at CEU. 

Group photo of Dr Tamara Steger and class.Teaching Development Grants

These grants support individual faculty members in the development of teaching projects. They are available on a competitive basis, with open calls twice per year. ACRO administers the grants and Elkana Center colleagues are available to collaborate with grant recipients.

Close up on two students in discussion.Working with Teaching Assistants

TA-ships are a vital stage in doctoral students’ development as early-career teachers and enhance the learning of students in the course. Elkana Center colleagues support both TAs and faculty working with them to benefit the most from this experience.