Using an LMS (Moodle) for Teaching and Assessment YELC6159

Using an LMS (Moodle) for Teaching and Assessment 

This course will introduce members of the CEU community to the purposeful use of a learning management system (Moodle) to supplement and enhance on-site, online, and hybrid courses. Over the six weeks, course participants will (re)design a new or existing course with a focus on student learning. 

This course will be useful for faculty, doctoral students, and staff who are interested in using an LMS (Moodle) in their teaching and assessment activities. While this course will focus on Moodle, the design principles can be applied to other learning platforms used at other institutions. 

The course will be practical in nature and incorporate the following: 

  • Building a basic mobile-friendly and accessible course 
  • Adding content to the course 
  • Creating activities for student engagement and collaboration 
  • Creating clear avenues for multi-directional communication  
  • Developing assessments and feedback opportunities 
  • Sharing the course. 

This seminar counts as a 1-credit elective in the Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education.