Teaching with Technology

These resources have been developed by the Elkana Center based on the experiences of CEU faculty, TAs, and students; the evolving scholarship on digital, online, and hybrid teaching; and the physical resources and distinctive teaching traditions of CEU. The Elkana Center will continue to refine the content based on your feedback. You can contact us directly at elkanacenter@ceu.edu.

An open laptop displaying the text "Join us Online."Teaching Online Courses

On this page, faculty and TAs can find resources for teaching online at CEU. It provides guidance for adapting existing courses to the online format, facilitation tips and recommendations, and links for technical resources and support.

The back of a CEU faculty member standing at a podium in a large classroom. A student is raising their hand.Teaching Hybrid Courses

At CEU, hybrid teaching refers to having both in-person and online students participate in the same course, often with simultenous live class sessions. The resources on this page support faculty and TAs with the hybrid course format.

A woman typing on a laptop that says "e-learning" on the screen.

Getting Started in Moodle

CEU uses Moodle (CEULearning) as its learning platform, which enables faculty to supplement or teach courses online. This page provides suggestions for how to get started with Moodle and basic tips for structuring a course.

Close up on two students flipping through a notebook.Assessment in Online and Hybrid Courses

This guide provides resources for formative and summative assessments in online and hybrid courses. It also shares recommendations for exams, student presentations, and other common assessment formats adapted to the online environment.

Student focusing intently on a laptop screen in class.Live Class Sessions

Many online and hybrid courses incorporate synchronous class sessions via Zoom or other video platforms. This page lists recommendations for facilitating live class sessions, include planning considerations and technical tips.

Dr. Martina Hofmanova lecturing at the front of a CEU classroom.Lectures

On this page, faculty and TAs will find information about lecturing in online and hybrid courses, including pre-recorded video lectures for a "flipped" approach and techniques and tools for online interactive lectures.

Four CEU students huddled around a laptop in the student lounge.Discussions

Learning through discussion is a key component of CEU's seminar-style courses. This section shares resources for class-wide, small group, and asynchronous course discussions in online and hybrid learning environments. 

A pair of hands holding a tablet in front of a bookshelfDigital Interactive Fiction

Interactive fiction is a genre of game-based learning that leads students through a branching story or scenario. This page provides guidance for those who wish to develop or use interactive fiction in their own classroom.