Supervising Undergraduate Research YELC6160

Supervising Undergraduate Research 

Academic Supervision involves a relationship between attentive supervisor(s) and active engagement and contribution from student(s). The role of the supervisor in helping students to improve their performance is clear, but the way in which such discussions are held is more elusive. Given that supervision is an essential and integral part of the undergraduate research experience, students must gain advice and feedback from their supervisors at each stage of their work. Supervisors are very aware of the need for excellence and efficiency in supervising each individual student. 

This course is designed to provide opportunities for reflection on supervision strategies to improve your practice.  Participants will be encouraged to think more deeply about supervision at undergraduate level and offered opportunities to try out a range of supervision strategies. Small group work will allow participants to reflect on their own practice, share their thoughts within a smaller group of colleagues and then consolidate these ideas and strategies with the whole group. Interactive exercises will be used to create a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to sharing perspectives. Role playing will capture the immediacy of experiential learning, surfacing not only implicit thinking and assumptions about supervision but also hidden feelings and emotions during the supervision process.