Research Network on Academic Freedom

OSUN Global Observatory on Academic Freedom (GOAF) welcomes all interested faculty and researchers, with special encouragement to junior faculty and postdoc researchers from OSUN institutions, to join the Research Network on Academic Freedom.

We wish to support engagement of scholars with interest in the topic of academic freedom coming from a variety of disciplines and experiences. The network members will be featured in the database of experts in academic freedom and have an opportunity to actively participate in GOAF activities and contribute to its work. The network will collect and curate knowledge and expertise on academic freedom and provide an exciting platform for new conceptualizations of academic freedom. We especially welcome interdisciplinary work and innovative theoretical contributions, and we welcome any proposals for further network activities.

Activities of the OSUN Research Network on Academic Freedom in 2022 will include:

-          Regular online seminars – twice per semester, providing an opportunity for members to present their most recent research and/or research project proposals and receive feedback from their peers in the network.

-          Publication of research papers – members of the network are welcome to propose papers on specific topics of interest within the research scope of the Observatory and GOAF will support the preparation, research, and publication process.

-          Elaborate mapping of regulatory frameworks at a global level regarding Academic Freedom – we are conducting a comprehensive overview regarding the regulatory frameworks in all world countries, and we aim provide a valuable resource to scholars with interest in academic freedom. Members of the network will contribute to the mapping, according to their interest.

If you are interested, please send your academic CV, including a list of publications, together with a brief motivation letter to