Global Observatory on Academic Freedom Repository

The central purpose of this repository is to offer clear and coherent overview of academic literature engaging with the topic of academic freedom. We aim to make an easy-to-use database for diverse audiences: scholars, students, policy makers, consultants, and anyone interested in the topic. The repository aims to contribute to a scholarly dialogue on academic freedom in a variety of ways:

 - Providing an insight into the diversity of scholarly thought on academic freedom. The repository does not intend to support or encourage a specific definition or conceptualization of the term, but rather depicts the wide array of contributions to the clarification of what does academic freedom mean, and for whom.

- Allowing scholars to start their research in a more efficient way, without the need to conduct literature search in numerous online libraries. This can potentially stimulate opportunities for more research in the field.

- Helping scholars identify gaps in research on academic freedom.

- Raising awareness on the topic of academic freedom, thus strengthening support for the topic.

- More generally, producing, transmitting and disseminating knowledge as a public good.

If you wish, please read further about the purpose and the methodology of the repository.

The repository was coordinated by Dr Milica Popovic with Maryna Lakhno in her research team.


 Maryna Lakhno is a PhD fellow at the Global Observatory on Academic Freedom. She is also a doctoral researcher in Public policy (Yehuda Elkana Doctoral Fellowship) and the recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Scholars at the University of Lugano. Besides her research, Maryna is also the Global History Lab Teaching Fellow (Princeton University) and the Higher Education Research Group Coordinator at CEU.