Past Recipients (2022-2023)

  • Sara Daub and Shubha Prasad. Intra-state Conflict and Foreign Policy”: Creating a decolonized, gender-balanced, and inclusive syllabus” Hertie School. 
  • Polina Dolmatova and Olga Zabinyakova. “Designing Interdisciplinary Approach and Discipline-Specific Roles in University Mathematics Courses (On the Example of the Mathematical Analysis).” AUCA. 
  • Begaiym Esenkulova and Elida K. Nogoibaeva. “Teaching Law Online: Towards Advancement of Inclusive, Democratic, and Open Classrooms.” AUCA
  • László Kőszeghy and Simon Rippon. “Critical Reasoning: An Update Focusing on Inclusivity and Diversity.” CEU
  • Dale Minishema-Lowe. “What does ‘active participation’ look like and how do we assess it in an online synchronous learning environment.” Parami University
  • Tongji Philip Qian. “A special edition: Transpacific art review newspaper from Washington D.C. to Yangdeng, China.” Bard Early Colleges.
  • Andrés Rodríguez Morales. “Labor Litigation Law (labor proceedings and litigation strategies).” Universidad de los Andes.
  • Venera Urbaeva. “Enhancing student learning through inclusive, interactive and fun learning methodology, i.e. Ludic Pedagogy.” AUCA.

Past Recipients (2021-2022)

  • Zulfiqar Amani and Emir Kulov. “Synchronization of Teaching in Political Science.” AUCA. 
  • Timand Bates. “Profiles and Oral Histories of Educators during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Bard. 
  • Antonio Salvador Alcazar III, Thilo Bodenstein, & Sanat Sogani. “Decolonizing Public Policy.” CEU. 
  • Zlata Božac and Danyah Jaber.Teaching Palestine: Insights and Strategies for Teachers and Students.” Al Quds Bard. 
  • Begaiym Esenkulova and Elida K. Nogoibaeva.Developing Signature Pedagogies and Democratic Classroom Practices for Law Courses at an OSUN Liberal Arts College.” AUCA. 
  • Syrgak Kydydraliev and Elena Burova. “Development of the Student-Oriented Manual: Applied Finite Mathematics.” AUCA. 
  • Eleonora Lozano-Rodriguez, Ruby Yaya, Alejandra Garaj, Juan Carlos Durán. “Towards a Copetencies-Based Curriculum: Curricular Reform at the Faculty of Law.” Universidad de los Andes. 
  • Anna Somfai. “Online Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age.” CEU. 
  • Olga Tarabashkina. “Integrating Climate Fresk into AUCA Curriculum by Training Professors.” AUCA.
  • Francesca Bonalumi and Eva Wittenberg. “The Language of Politics, the Politics of Language.” CEU.