PASCL project (2013-2016)

PASCL: Peer Assessment of Student Learning in Higher Education Institution in Europe

Main researcher(s) at CEU: 
Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education
Research Area: 
October, 2013 to May, 2016
Lifelong Learning Programme 
Right after SCL gained recognition in Bologna context in 2009, The National Unions of Students in Europe (ESU) has started its project called “Time for Student Centred Learning”, which aimed at exploring various aspects of interaction between teacher and student.
The PASCL project broadened the scope of its action and focused on inspiring a cultural change at institutions, through applying a robust assessment framework; raising awareness on importance of teaching mission of an institution; influencing further policy discussions, putting emphasis on teaching and learning in quality assurance procedures. 
Moreover the project aimed to introduce a new excellence-oriented procedure for rewarding “student-centeredness”. So far no specific assessments of SCL have been carried out on European level.