i-Net Internationalization Network (2015-2016)

i-Net Internationalization Network

Project duration: from October 2015 to December 2016

The main goal of the project was to integrate European dimension into the teaching, learning and research activities of the universities within EaP region. To this end, 2 major goals were distinguished. The first was the development and introduction of internationalization network covering regional and interregional levels. In the frames of this network, standard forms of information provision have been developed to present research and academic activities of the university. The second objective was to raise the level of institutional capacity building through trained top management. The training of university staff responsible for internationalization activities resulted in the development of more professional and modern approaches towards international cooperation of the university. 

CEU's primary role in the project was to offer trainings for university leadership/management on strategic development, participating in the development of an inter-university on-line platform on university curricula, projects, research, as well as contribution to workshops - as trainers and advisors on university policy development and learning outcomes-oriented curriculum design.