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Online Resources for Academic Developers

(Erasmus+ ERGP project outcome)

This website has been designed as part of the Erasmus+ Extending and Reinforcing Good Practice in Teacher Development  (ERGP), and aims to offer a collection of useful resources for those who are developing their practice as Academic Developers. This collection of resources is specifically linked to Outcome 06 of the ERGP Project:

  •  design of a training programme for practitioners that could lead to future teacher development courses at project partner institutions, in particular those new to teacher development.

The pilot training was offered as a 5-day face-to-face programme offered at Central European University Budapest in November 2018. Materials on the website were collated and shared by the project partners in August 2019, and provide a snapshot of those available at this point of the project.

Purpose and structure of the website

The website is designed to provide a collection of resources for Academic Developers who are relatively new to this role. It provides links to key readings and other resources, as well as an overview of the role that academic development may play within higher education, reflections on the role of the academic developer within an institutional context, and resources that relate to how academic developers may progress their own evolving professional development  within this role.

The website is organised into three main sections:

How to use this website

In the first instance you may find it useful to read about the role that academic development  can play within higher education establishment: this will give you an idea of how you as an individual can be a change agent for learning and teaching within your institution. 

The resources from the ERGP workshops  comprise those that were produced for future academic developers, and we also thought it may be useful for you to see the materials that were used in the ERGP Learning-centred and reflective teaching course which looked to provide early career academics and doctoral students with appropriate theories and approaches to inform their own teaching practice. Please note that these materials are outputs of the ERGP project: you are free to adapt the ideas contained therein, but please make sure that you acknowledge the source and authorship, in the following format: "Adapted from [insert author´s name and title of the session] ERGP Erasmus+ Project 2016-1-SK01-KA203-022551"

The thematic resources provide background and useful reading around each specific theme, and are designed to provide a more focussed evidence base on which academic developers may draw to inform their own practice with academic colleagues.

Project partners

University of Economics, Bratislava (coordinating partner) 

Masaryk University, Brno  

Central European University, Budapest

Lund University 

University of Tartu 

Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) 


Co-funded by Erasmus+ program of the European Union 2016-1-SK01-KA203-022551