Creating a Teaching Portfolio YELC6107

Creating a Teaching Portfolio 

This six-week, 1 credit course serves as the capstone course in the Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education. During the course, participants finish preparing their teaching portfolios, the elements of which they been crafting in steps throughout the program. 

A teaching portfolio is a written repository of evidence and reflection documenting a university teacher's strengths, skills, achievements and overall development as a scholar-teacher. Teaching portfolios are valuable and often required for job applications, teaching reviews or demonstrations, and other professional situations in which one’s approach to teaching, examples of teaching materials, and evidence of teaching effectiveness are provided.  

This course will explore the formats, expectations, styles of writing and presentation of your own teaching portfolio. We will look at examples of portfolios developed by novice and expert university teachers in different contexts. Together we will develop tailored strategies for you to effectively communicate your experiences in teaching, approaches, and areas of interest. You will finish writing the core elements of the portfolio (already drafted in previous courses), receive feedback on their contents, and create an on-line repository. 

Please note that the successful completion of a teaching portfolio is a requirement for the Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education. (For exact requirements, please see the Certificate Handbook.) This course is designed to guide you as you finish preparing the relevant materials for submission, but the submission and evaluation of your portfolio is technically a distinct step from coursework in obtaining a Certificate. 

Prerequisites: CEU students satisfy the prerequisites by completing the current version of Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education (YELC 6101 and 6103) and Learning by Design (YELC 6105) and at least 1 of the 2 required elective credits for the Certificate; or the older version of Foundations (CATL 6007) and at least 1 of the 2 required elective credits for the Certificate. Both elective credits are required for the Certificate, but only 1 must be taken before this course. CIVICA doctoral students satisfy entry prerequisites by petition to the instructor and should complete, at a minimum, the equivalent of Foundations and have other relevant teaching experience or teaching coursework.