New CEU Accessibility Website: Resources & Support for Faculty, Teaching Assistants & Staff

April 27, 2022

To support faculty, teaching assistants, and staff in fostering more accessible and inclusive learning environments for students with disabilities, the CTL partnered with Disability Services and the Equal Opportunity Office to launch a new CEU Accessibility website. On this site, you can find more information about:

  • the updated Policy on the Rights of Students with Disabilities with specifics of the Austrian context
  • practical guides for students, faculty, and staff
  • other elements in the shift towards inclusion, including an Access Barrier Reporting form.

As part of the project, the CTL contributed an updated Faculty Resources page, which includes information about the academic accommodations process, inclusive teaching strategies, and accessible digital learning materials.

With questions, or to get involved in disability rights initiatives at CEU, kindly email The CTL also welcomes faculty and teaching assistants to email us at to arrange a consultation regarding accessible and inclusive teaching.

Image by Jil Wright (CC BY 2.0).[KL1] [TP2]