About CEU-UP

Central European University’s University Preparatory Program (CEU-UP) is a six-month, full-time, in-person education program in Vienna. This non-degree program helps students of refugee backgrounds make competitive applications for English-language Bachelor's or Master’s programs to CEU or to other European universities. Its curriculum – taught entirely in English – is equally designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and academic English to succeed if admitted.

It provides scholarships and stipends to all admitted, full-time students (except those already receiving financial support for their studies.)

Highlights of the CEU-UP Program

Small, Inclusive Teaching  

  • CEU-UP courses focus on discipline-specific skills, individualized research and skills, and academic communication.
  • Classes are conducted as small-group seminars, ensuring close feedback from facilitators and lively exchange with peers. 
  • We aim to cultivate an environment that is welcoming to students of all faiths, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities.  

English-Language Teaching in an International Setting 

  • CEU is one of the world's most international universities, measured by the percentage of students born abroad. It is fully accredited in Austria and in the United States.   
  • CEU's working language is English. 
  • CEU-UP students are fully registered non-degree students, with access to facilities such as the library, career services and IT.  

Support for Studies 

  • Financial support is provided to accepted students, including scholarships for accepted students who are not receiving funding from other sources. 

History of Impact  

  • CEU-UP builds on the internationally renowned OLIve-UP program. Opened in 2017, approximately 70% of graduates of the predecessor program have gone on to study for a degree program at a university in Europe. 

Important Notes

CEU-UP is full-time and requires students to be resident in Vienna during its duration.  

CEU-UP is a non-degree program and does not guarantee admission to degree programs at CEU or at other universities. Admission to these degree programs is wholly independent of CEU-UP.